January 5th, 2017 by admin

As we shift into Autumn, so we shift our offer of classes to our clients and the community and to offer sessions which are suitable for different people’s needs.   We will be offering some live streamed sessions through Zoom as well as some “blended’ sessions which will offer 5 studio spaces, as well as live streaming to a limited number of participants.  Most of our classes are capped at 8 people, so whether you are  joining us on Zoom or in the studio, you are guaranteed a standard of teaching which includes personal attention that we know our clients appreciate so much, and that means you get more out of your pilates practice.

As we experience a time which may create a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety for so many, it is good to remember that movement and exercise are so incredibly helpful in keeping the mind calm and maintaining a positive mindset, as well as creating a whole range of physical and health benefits for the body. We know that movement and mindful practices such as Pilates can contribute hugely to our health and well being, releasing endorphins to help us feel calmer, healthier and happier whilst strengthening the systems of the body. We really encourage you to keep up your practice with us over the next few days, weeks and months. Maintaining a regular rhythm or routine, participating in mindful physical activity, using your time to do something positive and constructive AND a way to connect to the pilates community at Cscape will undoubtedly help contribute to a feeling of renewed hope and health. Our message – Stay Calm – Do Pilates!

See Timetable for more info on class times and prices.  Classes have limited availability, and fill up fast, so do book ahead by emailing cscapepilates@gmail.com or calling 07793 953261.