Class Descriptions and Levels

Classes are offered at different levels to enable people of all levels of ability to exercise safely and effectively at an appropriate pace.  Clients should discuss their individual requirements with the teacher to ascertain the appropriate level of class and work at their own rate.

Pilates exercises progress from week to week and movement patterns are introduced and layered like building blocks.  Therefore courses are recommended to see and feel the progression, allowing the body to strengthen at an appropriate rate.

Foundations / Beginners

A class that covers the beginner repertoire for those new to Pilates, but often popular with those that have been attending classes for many years but prefer to work more slowly and in depth. This class focusses on technique, alignment and core stability.    A good class for people who are looking to manage injuries such as back conditions after initial rehabilitation and therapy work has been completed and signed off by a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath. Some of our classes are “Gentle” beginners which may be more suitable for those who are in need of taking things that bit more slowly –  Often attended by our more senior clients or those with remedial issues such as lower back problems, scoliosis and other health conditions which may affect the ability to exercise.

Fit Beginners

A more challenging beginner level class for those with a good level of fitness, who would like an introduction to Pilates with the opportunity to work towards some of the more challenging exercises in the Pilates repertoire.  If people have injuries, we would normally advise starting in a Foundations level class to tale things a little more slowly, please contact us for advice.


Suitable for people who have completed a beginner course and have previous experience of Pilates.  Building upon the beginner repertoire with exercises that require a more challenging range of co-ordination, strength and flexibility.


Challenging exercises and movement sequences designed to work all the muscle systems in the body and advance through the Pilates repertoire.  Only suitable for those with plenty of experience of Pilates.  Also great for dancers, yogis and sports people.


The advanced repertoire in Pilates offers challenging sequences of movement which will develop stregth, co-ordination, flexibility and requires an advanced levels of skill and co-ordination.  A really thourough work out for all the body’s systems and muscle groups.

Currently Cscape Pilates does not offer Advanced group classes, 1:1, 2:1 and small shared group classes can be booked with the teacher on an individual basis.

Mamas/Post Natal –

A class specifically focussing on mothers of babies and toddlers.  The class will address the effects that pregnancy and motherhood may have place on the body – such as the changes to posture from the continual lifting and carrying of kiddies, pushing of pushchairs etc. We will work to bring posture and alignment back to optimum health and target muscle groups that will support the spine and other skeletal systems that are challenged through mummyhood! 

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