During the Covid 19 pandemic we have moved all our classes to an online platform called Zoom for LIVE streaming of classes – meaning that everyone can attend their class from the comfort of their own home – hurrah – whilst still remaining connected to their usual class, teacher and the rest of the group.

Class prices remain the same at £9 a week for the 6 week block, so a total of £54.  We will give all our clients access to an additional weekly class for this fee.

* We are determined for cost NOT to become a barrier, and are happy to offer pay-what-you-can to anyone experiencing financial hardship at this difficult time due to Covid 19.

If you are new to our classes we may need you to have an online consultation with us, £10 for 15 minutes, this is especially important if you are a beginner or have any pre-existing injuries or conditions. *

Private sessions

We are offering 1:1 or 2:1 private sessions for £30 (usually £40) via Zoom.

Normal pricing (not applicable to the current time)

Group classes can be booked online at the start of the term via the following link:  If you are booking later than the start of the term, please contact us to book and we will let you know which classes have spaces available.

For advice about which class you should attend, please contact us.

Group Matwork Sessions – £9 per class for a group class of maximum  9 people max.  1 hour class.

Group matwork classes are bought in half termly blocks of 5 – 8 depending on the length of the term.

Individual private 1:1 session.  1 hour. : £40

Shared private session – 2:1 (2 clients): £20 per person

Small group session at the studio or in your home for 3 – 5 people – £45 + travel costs where applicable

Where there is financial hardship please don’t let class fees become a barrier, contact us and we will be happy to arrange an discounted rate or staggered payment system for you.

Class Booking information:

Classes are arranged in blocks throughout the year, each block corresponds with schools half-terms, so usually lasting between 5 and 8 sessions. The sessions are booked as a block and paid for in advance at the beginning of each term.  If you have recently discovered Cscape’s classes and would like to start attending classes midway through a term, the teacher will discuss with you whether a 1:1 session is required before you begin a series of classes.

Booking terms – Clients must pre-book and pay for the course in advance of the course beginning.  Courses run between 5 and 8 weeks and typically follow the school term timetable.  No refunds or exchanges can be given if you do not attend your class.

Drop In Rate:

Drop In classes are not currently available, however if you have previously been regularly attending a Cscape Pilates class but cannot make a whole term, a drop-in fee of £10 per class may be made with prior agreement, and only if there is a space in a class on a given date.  This will not guarantee your place in future terms though – the only way to ensure your space is to pay for each term in full.

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