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We will be regularly thoroughly cleaning the studio and will use disinfectant wipes on all touch points before and after each class – such as the hand rails, door handles, floor, taps, toilet etc. 

Please bring your own mat to class, along with any of your own equipment such as a thera band or small pilates ball (aka wobble cushion/slomo). 

Wherever possible please arrive in your exercise clothing and do not bring in anything you don’t need – bags etc

Masks are not required for exercise - however you are of course welcome to wear a mask should you wish. Our teachers will not be wearing masks whilst teaching as it would be difficult for people to hear instructions. Please wear a mask when entering and leaving the studio. 

The window will be left open during classes, as will the downstairs door to help with air circulation and flow. We have extra heaters to keep the space as warm as we can, but it is advisable to bring an extra layer of clothing in the colder weeks/months. 

Mat spaces will be clearly marked on the studio floor spaced at a minimum of 2m apart.


Teachers will aim to stay 2m away from each participant and will not be using touch or hand on cue-ing until we are given further guidance that this is safe. We will use more verbal cue-ing and will continue to watch each client to be able to help and adjust and modify – just without touch.

Entry – Please arrive no more than a few minutes before the scheduled class time and wait outside until the teacher lets you know the studio is ready (we may have been cleaning it before the class for example). Please wash your hands thoroughly in the downstairs cloakroom, or use the hand sanitiser provided at the entry point. 

As you come in to the studio, please give each other space and time to allow people to take off their shoes either at the downstairs or upstairs point. 

Once the class is finished, we ask that you leave the studio promptly to enable the teacher to clean the studio before the next session. We are so sad that we will be unable to have a chat with you in the studio, but are very happy to answer questions you have that may have arisen in the class via phone/text or email. 

Use the hand sanitiser provided or wash your hands as you leave.


We are currently offering classes both on Zoom and at the studio - with reduced numbers to ensure social distancing can be maintained.   In line with government guidelines, we ask clients to read the following points before attending a class in person.


Please note all classes are available as Live streamed classes on Zoom, so if you would rather exercise in the comfort of your own home, we will still be able to connect with you.

Class times have been adjusted to allow extra time for additional cleaning of surfaces and touch points in the studio.

If you have been feeling unwell, or have been in contact with anyone with covid, please do not attend the studio until you are advised it is safe to do so. Zoom classes will be available as an alternative.